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President Trumps Watergate

President Trump

President Trump’s Watergate

President Trump’s Watergate

Former Trump adviser J.W. Verret says President Trumps Ukraine controversy is “a lot worse” than Nixon.  Yes, worse than five men burglarizing the Democratic Head Quarters.  Worse than tapping the phones of the Democratic candidate.



President Trups watergate Nixon

President Trump’s Watergate

It has been just over a week now since the transcript of the phone conversation with the Ukrainian President was released.  Though there was no evidence of any wrong doing, we are full steam ahead for impeachment.


At this point, there simply must be details that are not being released to the public.  It’s that simple.  However, I am impressed on how swiftly congress is moving.  Most of the time they only want to meet every six months all to pass things to the next meeting.


As an American citizen, what I want to know is what laws and/or improvements has congress preformed to help their constituents since Trump has been in office?  All I have seen is them making every attempt at impeaching him without any evidence to do so.


What it comes down to here is actually pretty simple.  There must be evidence that is not being released to the public for the past couple of years..or, our politicians are terrified someone will come in, not take pay offs, and do a good job. You can speculate on which one it is but those are the only two options.


From an outsiders perspective, it just looks like egos gone wild, an episode of Jerry Springer.  It makes one wonder, do simply thrive on the drama these days never mind the truth?


The right thing to have done would have been to gather evidence if it against but meanwhile, keep the country moving forward.  Not sling mud knowing an election is around the corner.  We use to know how to operate with class.

President Trump’s Watergate



President Trump’s Watergate

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