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Why should president trump Entertain It?

President Trump

Why Should President Trump Entertain it?

Why Should President Trump Entertain it?

As of today, there is still yet to be a formal quote on the floor to formalize the inquiry.  What we see is a daily media stunt constantly stoking the situation but still, no evidence.


So the question is, why has there not been a formal inquiry sent to the floor and voted on?  The answer, because the ramifications to the Democratic party after no evidence is introduced and they lose would be more than they could bare.


The major media outlets like to point out, while Trump says he will cooperate, his administration constantly stone walls Congress.   They claim they will only give what is required until there is a formal inquiry.


The spin is this is a type of admission to guilt.  Truthfully, why should Trump’s administration entertain it?  It’s a pitch in the dirt.  It would be the same if police officers were at our door daily asking to search out home.  It’s not that there is anything to hide but the answer would be no.



Why Should President Trump Entertain it?

This entire stunt is beginning to show its true colors.  It has been nearly two weeks and no formal inquiry.  If there were evidence that would conclude with anything near an impeachment, this would have been done days ago.


Again people, this is an attempt to smear Trump before the election next year.  And again, why? Because what Biden is being accused of is how politics work.  People of political power use it to influence others and get paid off.   Thats why they run for office.  Its sure not the salary they receive.


President Trump is a threat to wreck it.  As a career politician, you can’t have someone in office that does not suck up and can not be bought.  Then everything is done on merit and politicians can not have that.


These issue are very easy to see if you look.  So what would be the best plan of action if you did not want to do things right?  What they are doing.  The brain washing effect.  Daily publish negative things, true of not, so over time people will just believe it.


Why Should President Trump Entertain it?

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